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DGtal-Mind is an IT Solution and Digital agency that service’s a diverse range of clients from technology start-ups to big brands, charities, social enterprises, and the UK Government owned Corporations.

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Why should you move to the cloud?

Choosing Cloud will save you time and money compared to traditional on-site system upgrades. Which require multiple costly and time-consuming version updates. Every upgrade requires a new configuration of server hardware and software and a reconfiguration of customizations from previous to current on-site software. Migrating from the premises to the cloud removes this inconvenience and cost.

Migrating your systems with Cloud will ensure that your business is future proof, that your vital data is secure and that your business is protected from the risks associated with traditional upgrades. It also ensures that future upgrades are automatic and included in your subscription from the moment you make a cloud leap with Microsoft Dynamics 365. No expensive investment in new hardware, inconvenient downtime, and far less data risk. With Cloud, you get a bottom-line report, too–we’ll show you exactly how much your new system will save you over time.

Helping you overcome the toughest challenges

We apply our expertise to help you tackle the most daunting obstacles.
Proven Solutions, Powered by Experts

Modernize and Rationalize Your Applications


You need to deploy new technology rapidly to drive change. Yet conventional IT, silo proprietary…

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Secure Everything and Maintain Compliance


Get a multi-layer protection approach that focuses on your environment and can provide identification, response…

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Manage IT Talent Needs


Managing your own in-house infrastructure and software may seem to be the most straightforward approach…

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Determine the Right Cloud Strategy


Let our specialists help you speed up the value of the cloud. In every field,…

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Control IT Spend


If you run your own IT infrastructure, you get the highest level of functionality and…

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Quit the Data Centre


To stay ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape, your business must be increasingly agile and…

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DGtal-Mind is helping companies harness the power of the Amazon Web Services Cloud from a trusted partner with a track record of running business-critical applications. The Fanatic Support team of engineers and developers for AWS has accumulated more knowledge in our services and technologies and leveraged this experience to offer operating resources, best practices and advanced expertise to AWS.’

Your IT needs to be customized to your company and delivered the way you need it. Our experts get to know what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it, before you get a fully thought-out, personalized solution. They analyse the world’s leading technology and expertise in helping companies address their greatest technological challenges.

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