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DGtal-Mind is an IT Solution and Digital agency that service’s a diverse range of clients from technology start-ups to big brands, charities, social enterprises, and the UK Government owned Corporations.

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Phone: +44-208-637-3121
Address: 63/66 Hatton Garden, Fifth Floor Suite 23, London, EC1N 8LE UK

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Extra security for your email

Never lose an email again

With the DGtal-Mind email archiving tool, your emails are professionally and safely stored so that you can access them whenever you need them. You can add as many of your DGtal-Mind email accounts as you want. Both incoming and outgoing emails from these accounts will be automatically saved in their original state, including any attachments.

Peace of mind

An important email has been accidentally deleted. No question at all. You can easily find and recover all emails through your folder. It ensures that you are protected if you ever need to refer to old emails in your day-to-day business or for legal reasons. Discovery and person processing periods should help you stay compliant. A legal hold may also be made, if appropriate. Upon initial activation, all current messages inside your inbox will be transferred to the archive, and new messages will be saved automatically.

Your emails are stored securely in our European data centres.

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Contact us to explore how we can provide outsourced, managed IT services that are reliable, scalable and cost effective.

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Phone: +44-208-637-3121

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