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DGtal-Mind is an IT Solution and Digital agency that service’s a diverse range of clients from technology start-ups to big brands, charities, social enterprises, and the UK Government owned Corporations.

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Back up servers and laptops alike

What if concern about disaster recovery has become a thing of the past?

Use a cloud based backup solution to keep the business running smoothly.

Multiple possibilities

Total image backups ensure that everything is backed up in one place. Incremental backups allow you to cover all important changes from your last total backup. Versioning gives you full revision control and you know that if something happens, you can have everything back up and running in a flash.

Supported devices and applications

Through Cloud Backup, everything that is important to your company can be secured. Of course, smartphones, tablets and laptops will secure the day-to-day operations.

We also know how important the network is, so all virtual machines (VMs), servers, ESXi, Hyper-V and Virtuozzo hosts are supported. As with SQL Server, Exchange Server and Active Directory. Cloud Backup functions on both physical and virtual servers.

Set it up, then relax

Unattended agent installation

Cloud Backup needs to connect to the server you want to secure. It occurs with a piece of software or an agent that you run on your computer. The agent checks the data source for the backup device, ensuring that your data is correctly backed up.

Download the backup agent from the cloud screen, copy it to your computer, and then run it. It’s just as plain as that. Instead, if you provide a server after buying Cloud Backup, you can have the agent installed on the server during setup.

Granular scheduling

You have full control over how often and what kind of backups are produced, when and how often they are made, how long they are held, and how compressed they are. This way, the only surprise is how easy it is to maintain physical backups all the time.

Get back up and running in seconds

Minimise downtime

Downtime is fuel, so you can’t afford to spend too long going back and running. Cloud Backup can get you back online in seconds by loading your Linux or Windows backup to a virtual machine. This way, you’re working while the equipment gets sorted out.

Flexible data recovery

Whether it’s a fast rollback to a working version or a complete transition of data from a burnt-out piece of hardware to a new one, Cloud Backup gives you the ability to recover exactly what you need.

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