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DGtal-Mind is an IT Solution and Digital agency that service’s a diverse range of clients from technology start-ups to big brands, charities, social enterprises, and the UK Government owned Corporations.

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Address: 63/66 Hatton Garden, Fifth Floor Suite 23, London, EC1N 8LE UK

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Unlimited flexibility

Access HiDrive from any computer, at any time, from the office or on the go. There is no limit to the type of data you can upload–from Word and Excel to audio and video files. Your data is stored safely in European data centers.

Access your data from anywhere

Download the app to your smartphone or tablet and keep your data at your fingertips: in the workplace, on the road and with your customers. Relax in the knowledge that if you lose your laptop in the office or run out of the mid-stage battery, you can still access your data in the cloud from any browser on any device, which ensures that you still have the relevant sales figures to hand, or you can easily finish your presentation using a colleague’s phone.


HiDrive is incorporating into your working day. Desktop software helps you to synchronize your files to the cloud. It ensures that changes made to a file online or locally will be synced across all versions.


Team ventures are a breeze when you can work together with HiDrive. Effortlessly build and maintain unique password-protected accounts for each team member. Share projects internally or externally with just one connection, and give people read-only access or ability to edit. You can also set the expiry date for shared links and limit the number of times the data is downloaded. When you finish working in Frankfurt, the London team can easily pick up where you left off.

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Contact us to explore how we can provide outsourced, managed IT services that are reliable, scalable and cost effective.

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Phone: +44-208-637-3121

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